Imagine Centennial

I think a proper dance floor (wooden and maybe covered) would be very appreciated.
Very useful for dance classes, yoga and events.
- Sonia Perusse

Incorporate lighting for evening walks with a small path around the park.
- Mathieu F

Longer beach along the water with a volleyball court would be great!
- Mike Pelle

Our Waterfront Space

Centennial Park and Marina is a beautiful waterfront property which belongs to all Beaconsfield citizens. However, we don’t fully appreciate this green space, due in part to a lack of accessible services and amenities.

As residents of Beaconsfield, we see great potential!
• A space where one can live a variety of nature, outdoor, water activities and cultural experiences.
• A space that brings joy, relaxation and other positive benefits to our health and spirit.

Made up of residents, our committee would like to know how you can benefit from our Centennial Park and Marina!

By sharing your wishes with us, you will contribute to the design layout to be developed in a later stage.

The power is in the hands of our community!

Click on the boxes below to see our wishes, then tell us yours!

Marina and Lake

How would you like to use the Marina and enjoy Lake St-Louis?

Culture and Centre

What would you like to do in a new multipurpose cultural centre?

Park and Nature

How would you like to use the park and waterfront?

Tell us your wish!