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Architecture competition - Phase 1

  • Launch a call for tenders for an architectural competition via SEAO – end of January 2024
  • The contest is open to all firms that meet the criteria
  • The professional advisor assesses the offers and distributes them to the members of the Jury
  • 1st meeting of the Jury – recommendation of 4 finalists to complete a detailed design
  • Award a contract to each of the 4 finalists specifying the remuneration – April 2024

Press release – Architectural contest finalists

Architecture competition - Phase 2

  • Individual meetings with each finalist
  • Each finalist submits their vision, design and budget
  • The advisor assesses the submission and distributes them to the members of the Jury
  • A technical committee analyzes each submission
  • The 4 projects are presented to the jury – the public can attend as observers (details available in the calendar of events)
      • The presentations will be given in French. A recording with subtitles in French and English will be available online at a later date.
  • 2nd jury meeting: integrate technical recommendations and selection of the winning design
  • The winning design will be announced in July

Winner of the architectural competition

  • Award a mandate to the winning firm to prepare plans and specifications
  • Fees for the contract are specified in the tender documents (% of the total project cost)
  • Continuous collaboration and development with the municipal project team throughout development

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